The history of the elements that make up each Bicycle Dannata is what forges its soul. The memory of the times and the people who lived them is transmitted by imperfections, dents and rust, elements that here change paradigm, from negative character they take on the value of testimony, therefore of value. These are the foundations for the creation of vehicles that tell the heroic story of the Italy of the past, but also of the protagonists who will tell that of the future. Each Dannata is born from the recovery of these historical means brought back to life through processes of selection and restoration of components, whose combinations redesign the shapes of evolved cycles but with an intact spirit. The challenge of Bicicletta Dannata is to give new life to this heritage of romanticism and timeless technology, renewing it and bringing it back to our roads.

QUALITY Optimally recovered historical brand components, combined with necessary new parts, guarantee the perfect efficiency of each vehicle. ARTISANITY The creative tradition of doing things well with one's hands is rediscovered through the production of meticulously crafted means with high mechanical and aesthetic value. UNICITY Research, technique and design design unrepeatable bicycles according to infinite harmonic possibilities, assembled with mechanical components and aesthetic elements made unique by the passage of time.

RECOVERY OF THE HISTORY Refined craftsmanship and excellent workmanship of Italian bicycle production is characterised both by renowned industrial brands such as Bianchi, Dei and Maino, and by a myriad of small workshops spread throughout the country. Markets and barns are now the gateways to rediscover a past too often forgotten because it is considered obsolete and worthless. The challenge of Bicicletta Dannata is to breathe new life into this romantic, timeless heritage, renewing it to bring it back to our roads.

SIMPLIFYING THE LINES The approach to each new design is influenced by the historical value, mechanical condition and stylistic predisposition of the frames. The resulting creative step marks the line of the bicycle: aggressive, elegant, functional or all together. The braking system adopted is the freewheel system, still widespread throughout Northern Europe. Safe, easy to use and low maintenance, it allows the exclusion of wires and appendages considered excess. The true richness of a bicycle lies in the purity of its form and the workmanship of its basic elements, not in the accessories.

CUSTOMISING THE SHAPES Basic mechanical elements are selected according to the particularities of each frame and sewn onto it. Recovered and restored handlebars, saddles, cranksets and pedals, together with rims and minor mechanical parts, are combined with newly crafted elements that guarantee the perfect efficiency of each bike. A composition that designs the shapes of each Dannata, defining its line, aesthetics and personality.
This gives rise to unique means, with a strong character but a non-elitist temperament

  • COASTER BRAKE is the braking system that equips every Bicicletta Dannata, a freewheel hub operated by pedalling in the opposite direction to the direction of traction. Braking is precise, high-performance and progressive according to the force imparted to the gesture, but never tiring thanks to the advantageous action allowed by the lever. Not to be confused with the fixed sprint. Replacing the classic and invasive braking systems with this element achieves the essentiality typical of Dannata.