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BRAND: LEGNANO "Modello 39 Sportivo", 1952


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"Conservata" Dannata on a frame of the famous Milanese brand Legnano, specifically the 1952 'Mod. 39 Sportivo', a women's sports model originally equipped with wire brakes and 3-speed Simplex gearbox, elements missing at the time of recovery. The livery is very well preserved in typical Legnano green with red fillets and finds an optimal contrast, together with the original mudguards, with the earth-coloured covers, the honey-coloured Brooks b17 saddle and the handcrafted cord handlebar grips. The possibility of removing the mudguards gives the bike an even more essential, certainly sportier look.


Original fork and headset, 2-piece bottom bracket and crankset, seat tube and typical Legnano saddle bolt, fairing mudguards. Dannata elements the French-style moustache handlebar with brown cord, the Brooks B17 Classic honey saddle and the one-speed coaster with 18-tooth sprocket.


Suitable for heights 1,60 - 1,75.


Tire colour: brown / cream Handlebar: sport / city Mudguards: presence / absence Brooks saddle: model / colour